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I-ROCK® forever eliminates the need to send your plastics to the landfill!

7+ RecyclingSM  / Recycle 7SM

Plastic from all sources -- all 7 codes and more!

Waste from used bottles, shopping bags, newspaper tubes, computer parts, plastic carpeting,  
Waste from Navy shipboard use of plastics -- Navy pucks
Waste from plastic manufacturing processes

Fabricated into I-ROCK® Products

Smart Tie®
Wall Systems and Wall Systems with Patterns
used for
Highway sound barriers -- easier to build too
Retaining walls for landscaping
Residential fencing
Walls inside factories

I-ROCK® Pier Chock (12" x 12") and Ties
Navy Pier uses I-ROCK® Pier Chock instead of wood - outlasts wood too

Railroad Ties -- another alternative to wood
Give Me A BrakeTM
Parking Stops and Wheel Chocks
Shipping skids -- no wood, no splinters, no insects
Industrial Floor Blocks 6" x 4" x 2" (or 2.5")

Protective floor surface over concrete floors
Use as a replacement for wood in industrial plants

Interlocking Pavers with I-Rock® Stone

similar to existing stone pavers but 100% recycled material

Rubber Pavers

Ecolock Tie®

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