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I-ROCKŪ Principals

  • Murray J. Fox - Principal  

    (16 Mar 1924 - 17 Jan 2018)

Mr. Fox was in the recycling business close to thirty years.  He founded Recycling Enterprises, Inc., a glass recycler in the 1970s, and was also a co-founder of REI Distributors, Inc. in 1981.  REI Distributors became the largest glass recycler in the state of New Jersey, and in 1991 REI merged with Pure Tech International, Inc., a plastics recycler. The newly combined business continued under the Pure Tech name and became one of the largest plastic recyclers in the US.  In 1995, Pure Tech merged with Ozite Corporation and thus became a diversified manufacturer of plastic materials and products as well as continuing in the recycling field.  Mr. Fox remained a director and officer of the newly named Pure Tec Corporation until it was sold and privatized in 1998, where upon he started I-ROCKŪ Industries, Inc.

In 1978, Murray Fox became one of the founders fathers of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC), an organization dedicated to promoting recycling and is currently a Life Member and a Honary Board Member. In 1994, he setup a trust fund to enable the NRC to give out environmental/recycling oriented scholorships  at its annual Congress.  Murray Fox was also a Life Member of the Iowa Recycling Association and every year they give out an award in his honor recognizing innovative recycling and reuse in Iowa.  Mr. Fox also served as Vice President, Fox Engineering Inc. (a Maryland company).
  • Anthony Conte
Mr. Conte is Chairman and CEO of Ecoboard Holding's Inc., a plastic extruder with plants in New York and Florida.  Mr. Conte was President of Pure Tech Plastics from 1992 to 1998 and in that capacity was responsible for all facets of the business.  This included five PET recycling facilities in the Northeast as well as the construction of several plants in the Far East that were licensed from Pure Tech.  From 1989 to 1991, Tony founded and was COO of Alcon Enterprises, an independent supplier of services and parts to the food and beverage industries.
Mr. Fox has worked for the US Government since the late 1960s and is also the President of Fox Engineering Inc., a Maryland corporation.  His experience is in the field of information processing covering embedded production systems, mainframe tracking and accounting systems, local area network systems, and he is currently designing enterprise scale IT infrastructures.  Ed has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, Boston, and a Masters in Public Administration from The American University, Washington DC.
  • Adam M. Genei
The Genei name is attached to many innovations in the plastics industry, and in hopes of successfully following his father and grandfather in that field, Adam Genei was accepted into the Plastics Technology Program at Ferris State University (Michigan), which is regarded as one of the top schools in the nation for this study program.  One study which Adam focused upon was the processing of co-mingled waste plastic.  He recognized the need for a solution after years of seeing material being disposed of due to cross contamination.  Upon graduating in 1999, Adam left Ferris with, not only a degree in Plastics, but also a degree in Business Administration.  He felt that the combination of these two degrees would assist him in running businesses with which he was familiar through his early experiences.

To go forward with the growth in emerging technology and markets, Adam met up with Murray J. Fox at the revitalized I-RockŪ processing plant in Bradley, Illinois.  Subsequently, Adam and Marty Genei began negotiations to be come partners with I-RockŪ Industries, Inc. and developed the first successful I-Rock franchise, forming I-RockŪ Industries of Michigan, LLC.  As president of the newly formed team, Adam led the attack to further develop the technology markets for I-RockŪ products, all made of mixed waste plastics.

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