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I-ROCK« forever eliminates the need to send your plastics to the landfill!

I-ROCK« Product Features and Characteristics

Made from 100% mixed waste plastic, making it one of the most green products ever - and is itself recyclable
Stable over 200║ F
No out gassing
Low thermal expansion
No leaching
Tolerates contamination
UV stable
Compression and tensile strength same or better than concrete
Does not expand or contract
Does not warp or rot - Does not harbor insects
No splintering
Can vary in finish
Can be molded or extruded
Can be screwed or mortared
Lighter to work with than concrete -- saves time and money on installs
Can be nailed, glued, or painted
Cuts and machines with traditional tools
Will not splay or crack
No cleaning required
Cost effective
Superior strength
Eliminates waste stream
Saves trees
Cleans easily
Environmentally safe
...and more

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Last Updated: 03 Dec 2013
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